Eons later, a blog.
Blogs are passé. Well, almost.

 Long reads gave way to shorter reads. Some of us became politically correct to broadcast our neutrality to our circles. Our views became narrow and short at 140 characters. Algorithms ensured we got stuck in a cul de sac. We are shown what we like to see.

We are stuck in our zones of comfort and concentric circles of friends. It is time to get out.

I hope I am truly done with FB.
I hope I stop trying to prove to the world that I am someone. Which/that I am not.

An Aam Aadmi's learnings

Dear Fellow Aam Admis, I would love to take this opportunity to applaud all of us for having rid of corruption in Delhi. It also gives me immense pleasure that we elected a brilliant set of people who will, in the next 60 days, change Delhi into a New York. Or Las Vegas. Or Paris. We are also extremely fortunate that, we have, after 60 years of independence, elected a set of people who can do no wrong. A set of people who Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King together could not match in righteousness. Even Jesus Christ was a sinner. Not our CM. Gauthama Budha would be a proud man too. He now has a successor. And we have a CM who is the only enlightened soul in the country now, after Gauthama Budha. A long wait it has been indeed. We also need to thank our newly elected bunch of non political aam admis for giving us a new fashion trend for the fall/autumn – a Gandhi topi, scarf and a jhadoo! But then there are a lot of things we can learn from Mr. CM. First things…

NRN Rants

So has senile decay hit NRN? One, he came back to head Infosys flouting the retirement norms which he himself had framed. Two, he brought in his son to help him out to restructure Infy. That's also went against the principles he helped form when the company was finding its feet.Today NRN wants an airport, albeit a smaller one, close to Electronics City. And he wants the government to fund and build it. Isn't it better that he ask govt to approve a pvt airstrip near ex electronic city?is it that I am becoming sceptical of NRN or is he is actually becoming unreasonable? I might not be a good judge of people, but I've seen entrepreneurs take themselves a bit too seriously after some time..

Banana fry in caramelised sugar and laced with honey


A long long time ago ;)

May 2006. The day i started blogging. It has been a long journey. There have been times when i have been posting stuff twice a day to times when i have been out of action for close to a year. But i still maintain this blog. This and my facebook will provide material to work on my first book.. whenever it happens!

Back to Blogging

It's about time that i get back to my passion- blogging. I guess those days when blogging used to be done for the express purpose of recognition is now gone. I need to write to express my feelings. Express Anger. Express Emotions. Welcome back Rajiv. I have missed you!


Sideward glances , Eyes so beautiful, Lips forming a smile, thou spake a thousand words. Sun rays, shining on you, radiance personified Stopped enroute, me soaking in your presence Three years, heady days of love Archies, love written in B&W Canteen, waiting for love eternity Nights, synonymous with nostalgia, Flew past so that I could see her once more..