“An affliction which makes you say the wrong thing at the right time”

Very few people are endowed with the ability of saying the wrong thing at the right time. Here are a sample few from real life:

“I have in the last 2 months found out how much politics is prevalent in our office” (rightly said, but in a common platform and with the boss also around!)

“Wow! U had a fracture!”

“Oh s***, you don’t need to use the crutches again?”

This is classic Poladic stuff- most of the time you cannot make such statements and get away with it. But there are some remarkable people who can make such statements and carry on as if nothing has happened. You need to be absolutely innocent to continually be afflicted with Poladiasis. Or at the bare minimum, you need to project the image to the world that you are completely innocent!

I have, thanks to the lady, enriched the English language with a new word. Lets all together have more definitions added for the word to keep it alive!!!

PS: I’ve found another definition for the word:


“a situation where your innocently forward a mail to a set of people and being at the receiving end of the whole world”


Rishi said…
Poladiction : When you ask questions similar to a "why,why not,how come,", they are answered by an all explanatory "because" and ends in the same word, and yet you ask the same question again next time!
Anand Rao said…
Brilliant! But the true extent of "Poladiasis" is evident by the fact that among the "reply to all" email chain (a.k.a poladified email) there are subgroups like the "Lodestar Group", the "Madison Group", the "WWM group" and others which are discussing amongst themselves via smaller chain mail-lets!
ramm said…
guess it can also be called "foot in mouth" disease....

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