Societal Degradation

The last couple of weeks has witnessed a huge increase in the number of news reports that are coming in the national dailies on rape cases and rape victims. Seven year olds to seventy year olds being raped by men of all ages. Is this a social reflection on where the country is going? Is this a reflection of the socio-economic pressures on the people? Or has it anything to do with the overbearing spread of globalisation? Issues that need to be analysed.

The Rapist Psyche

I have been thinking about the psyche of a rapist- why does someone rape another person and what satisfaction do you get from raping!

Sex has always been called as a union of two people- body, mind and soul acting in unison as one. Why is that men, across strata fail to understand this union of minds? Is the tendency to be a rapist/molester more in the lower strata of the society?

I personally feel that upbringing has a major role to play in men’s attitudes towards women. Your attitude to women is ingrained into the minds of people at a very early age- kids grow up seeing their parents in action and how parents behave with others. Moral values, inculcated into an impressionable mind will surely act a deterrent to such acts.

Rape is an extremity in behaviour patterns. Molesting comes a close second- and molesting is something that is seen across social strata. Men taking advantage of women is no more news value now, unless he happens to be a celebrity. So why do men with impeccable family credentials and upbringing molest women?

Wine and Women

Intoxication is in 90% of the cases cited as an excuse for misbehaving with women. It is true that in an intoxicated state, your inhibitions are much lesser. It also has to do with the fact that men try to take advantage when the woman’s guards are also down. A touchy feely situation leads to a rise in carnal instincts and men use this as an opportunity to take advantage. While God created a wonderful instrument called ‘the body’, it is surprising that he refused to give both ends of a man’s body enough blood supply at the same time – so either the brain gets the supply or it’s the other end of the body!!

Intoxication is purely an excuse men use when caught. If a person can take the effort to get pally with a woman, take the effort to seduce her and then take advantage of the situation, he is sure a thinking man and he is in his senses. You can either be drunk dead or conscious. There is no state in between where you are not completely out of your senses.

Mass Behaviour

Men are most of the time decent and well behaved when they are alone as single individuals. The whole psychological setup changes the moment he gets into a group. Social gatherings and get togethers tend to clog the brain and put it to sleep. Peer pressure and the need to showcase your masculinity becomes all pervading and the result can at times be unpleasant- not just to women, but towards society in general. This can also be a reason for good mannered boys and men turning to dastardly acts against women.


Developing countries are always at a risk of being exposed to different cultures around the world. While, we tend to ape and adopt practices that are ridiculed and condemned even in the western socities, we seldom seem to pick and adopt even one good practise of the western society.

None of the above reasons are a valid enough reason to justify acts against women- there can be no justification of any sort for that matter.


Col P M Menon & Varada said…
Dear Raju,
A very well written article.
You have brought out all the relevant points and reasoned out everything very well.
Three cheers to our Raju, the writer in the family!
Keep up the good work!
Lots of love.
Unni ettan and Varada Cheriamma
Sudeep said…
Very relevant writeup Rajiv!
I wish you the best with your professional writing aspirations :)

P.S: Keep the posts rolling in! I've subscribed to your RSS feed!!

-Sudeep (Aditya)
Scrawler said…
Very well written...rather realities unfolded in a simple understandable way...

Keep Up the good work

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