Slam dunk drunk: Learnings from the A weekend Party!

1. When Tiger calls a party, never miss the chance
2. Drink till u drop… into the pool and then drink again
3. Never play games while partying – its takes time away from the drinking session
4. Wine and women make a heady concoction.
5. Get drunk to make an ass of yourself (I still would drink!)
6. Irrespective of size, men and women can dance in a drunken trance
7. Involve yourself with someone who is pissed drunk- and be blamed for whatever happened!
8. Forced into the water, everyone learns to swim.
9. Get too close for comfort and men will be men!
10. Get too drunk and women will transform into men (idiots)
11. Standing Instruction at Confident Cascade: “if resort booked by Tiger & Co., Call Mallya, the lord himself!!”
13. THE KING OF GOOD TIMES? - Mr. TIGER himself (and not Mallya)

The Learnings mentioned above are not the personal views of the author and the author takes no responsibility for the published matter. No offence is meant to anyone and no offence is to be taken by anyone. The author cannot be sued, abused or thrashed for this infringement.


Anonymous said…
good one!!!

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