Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss

Who wants to be covered in moss? Who wants to carry around baggage? Who wants to become a piece of office furniture?

Gone are the days when people believed in the dictum “rolling stone gathers no moss”. The new age mantra is if you don’t roll, you are nobody- and the end, u literally end up as office furniture.

In the current age, two years in an office seems to be the maximum a sales guy will work. Do people leave because they are bored of the same routine? Do they leave because they didn’t get the required rewards? Or is it due to the “grass is greener than on the other side” logic?

The Grass is always greener on the other side:
There is no denying this one. The Green aspect is something we cannot deny- the Greenbacks flying around is simply to huge to not notice- for starters, salaries are 4 times higher across the fence!!! If that does makes u say “So What!”, you are definitely Budha reincarnated!

The Office Furniture:
I read this story of a guy who used to work 24/7 for years on end- his colleagues see him at his desk 24/7. And one day the guy had a fatal heart attack and died at his desk. It took another day for people working with him to realize that he was not working as usual and was no more.

Though this might be more anecdotal, many people do actually go through jobs being treated as furniture- being overlooked, taken for granted and what not- Self respect demands that you move on with life and with career. But then, its not just up to the management to make sure u don’t becoe furniture- what if we take initiatives and make presence felt in the organisation? Something everyone can do by themselves- If greenbacks are an issue, hop the fence. But if it is about being furniture in the office, reinvent yourself!

One very wise man once told us during a training session “I am the cause of all I experience”

Keep thinking about it- Its true in every sense!


Leena said…
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Leena said…
You said it, Jeevez! is there a cryptic msg in there, i wonder. Will be completing a year in Feb. So do i start packing my bags...? No rambling this, i'm sure!
Curtis said…
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