Babu chettan – A Full life!

• An ordinary man from kannadi,
• Struggled as everyone in the initial phase of life
• Slogged and made a great career,
• Sweat it out in the deserts of the middle east
• Who had a bunch of friends who would die for him,
• Who had a wife and 2 kids who adored him
• A wonderful son in law, daughter in law, and a grand daughter
• Who had a huge extended family who loved him– KV & VK families
• Was someone who lived life Kingsize,
• Was someone at who’s home, everyone felt at home
• Who helped God knows how many people in distress!
• Who ensured people around him also had a good life
• Was a friend, philosopher & guide to many
• A mentor to many..

Guess there is no chance of a debate on whether his was a Full Life. “Alla Pinne”!

Babu Chetta.. it wasn’t time for you to leave us! We so wish you could have cheated death!!


Sridhar said…
We will miss you and all the fun which we use to have with you around us...Life will never be the same without you...May your soul rest in peace.
cat's eye said…
A good photograph and will written Raju...He was simply Gr8!! A big brother to all of us, a son to all ammas valiammas and cheriyammas, uncle or valiachan to all younger ones!!! May his soul rest in peace & God give strenth to Meechi and children. I will always remember him when humming his favorite songs chellacherukiliya, aparasundara neelaakasham, vijanatheerame..
LOVE said…
Raju you have just opened the wound that was healing! I just cant control my tears ! You have expressed from the bottom of your heart ! And I agree 100% !! Yes he was a great soul ! I am sure he , Shree and Appuchettan will be having a rollicking time up there somewhere !!! No more funny emails, no more jokes , no more get-togethers , no more singing of old songs with him ......May His mother,Meera , children,siblings have strength to bear this immense loss !!

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