Doctors Stir: Lives lost aplenty

Gone are the days when Doctors were treated as Gods.. gone are days when the doctors practising medicine considered their profession with dignity.

This is with reference to the ongoing strike by medicos of Rajastan, who are striking work on some injustice meeted out to them. I have no problem with them striking..

What i have a problem is that the patients admitted in these government medical colleges are left to die. Nurses, who are nothing but support staff are now taking care of the patients. As per the latest reports, 50 people have died so far due to this strike.

Shame on you for having forgotten the Hippocrates oath you took.. Even if you want to strike fr you needs, isnt there any other form of showing your prostest than to not treat patients? Cant the doctors do a chain hunger strike or something? atleast the patients admitted wont be left to die..

Also, the critical part in this is that all the patients who get admitted in Government medical colleges are wellbelow the povery line, with no means to seek treatment in private hospitals.

Shame on you Striking Doctors!


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