Boss's Day Out

In my 10 year work career, i have known a few bosses- i have seen and worked with some of the best and the worst.. But only one whom i would sure like to emulate.. when in charge, he is the one who should become... a few traits that make him a great boss:

--> Inspiring people to do what they want to do
--> Giving a long rope and making you feel responsible for your actions
--> Backing you to the hilt - internally and externally
--> Taking your pants off when u are in the wrong - but only inside the chief's cabin ... and then walking out with hands on shoulders as if nothing has happened

--> Giving more responsibilites
--> Helping you out with career planning (I've never known another boss with whom i could discuss quitting the job 6 months before putting in my papers..)

Fav line during brain storming sessions: " think like a lunatic.. one of the ideas will be a revenue churner"

Happy Boss's day! Wish the breed of great bosses multipy manifold!!


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