Gandhi and YouTube

Gandhi is definitely the father of the nation. Gandhi is definitely an icon who got India out of the clutches of foreign domination. Gandhi is someone we should emulate.

But do we have a right to make a hue and cry about a movie that was made outside India and aired through a medium which has no boundaries? Do we, as a nation have the moral right to make an issue of this? I believe that India and Indians have not given Gandhi the stature he deserves. Gandhi is remembered twice a year- and because we like to have a day off work- thus because of October 2nd (Gandhi Jayanti) and January 30th (his death anniversary), we are forced to remember the Man himself! Ask the kids in school about Gandhi and don’t be really shocked if you get a blank stare or if you are asked back “Who Gandhi?”

While there are so many issues where the government is not being proactive, they tend to waken up when it comes to issues on the so called issues of national pride. Has the government created so much noise over the abject poverty people are in? Are they bothered that many Indians are still not able to have 3 square meals a day or have shelter or clothing?

India, its time to wake up- the middle and upper classes do not alone make up this big nation. What we see on television is not the real India- what we see in the metros is not the real India. The real India is still trying and working hard to feed mouths and cloth family members. The real India is not really bothered about YouTube or a movie that was made on Gandhi in another part of the world.

Let’s be more mature, let’s not rake up issues that are not priority and let’s bury the man who decided to make the film on Gandhi by not giving it publicity.

In the end, the maker of the movie has achieved what he set out to do- Make himself and his movie famous and talked about. Let us and the government not fall into such traps!!!


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