1. Hey, u do want I want you to do! (The Dictator!)
2. Hey, you do your work, let me do mine (The Single married man!)
3. Love, shall we do this? (The Participative Hubby)
4. Love, you tell me how to do this? (Wifey decides!)
5. Hey, Im the bread winner, my dictate rules! (My rules rule!)
6. Honey, can i use the loo pls? (The doggy life)
7. Babe.. let me ask my mom if its ok we have a roll tonight! (Mama’s boy)
8. Leave things to me, you sit and enjoy! (The Manager Boss)
9. Arrgh, don’t dog walk me! Gimme my freedom (The pestered hubby!)

Which one are you???


Arun M said…
Type 3! Aren't we all???
Jeevez said…
Thats just a politically correct answer!

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