Back after a couple of years

Well well,

very sad to see that i haven't penned a blog for a couple of years. One possible reason i can think of is the overbearing presence of Facebook. I have been hooked onto facebook and my timeline has literally become my Blog.. My various rants, ravings and my very random reflections have all been on facebook.

Why on Facebook? Possibly because its easier to be at the receiving end of bouquets and brickbats. People respond instantly. People 'Like' your posts. You feel that you are talking to the world and that the world is taking notice of you. Which has never happened on the blog.

So here i am, shunning the instant feedback facebook and set to continue my Random ramblings and Reflections in my own private space.

Well, on second thoughts, i might use facebook to popularise my the blog better.. :)


Anonymous said…
I do look up your blog once in a while .......stumbled upon it sometime ago .....liked your nostalgia keep writing. (:

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