Weight loss.. Again

It was nearing that time of the year and something in me woke up. It wasn't really the need to make any new year resolutions. I;ve had my share of resolutions, all of which lasted not more than a week. So much to resolutions.. but then i'm sure that most people who take resolutions do not really plan to stick to it.

I found out 6 months back that you really do not need an occasion to start something. One fine evening, i told myself im gonna quit smoking. Do not ask me why id decided, 'cos i myself do nto know till now.. Well, i had a few ciggiges at around 10.00pm and called it QUITS.

To top it, i blared it out to the world that i QUIT SMOKING. Some 30 comments later, most people egging me on, some doubting Thomases who just couldn't digest the fact that i had the will power to do it, i came out the winner. I had finally called it QUITS. 6 months down the line, many parties later, i still haven't touched a ciggy!

Somewhere during the end of 2011, i came to the conclusion that I am in a terribly bad shape... Not just the fat deposits, but also general health conditions were deteriorating. I couldn't walk, i Couldn't wear decent clothes and i was seriously getting away from the social world.

Like i quit smoking, something in me clicked - I told myself that its time to get ahead with life and live it the right way. and to make matters worse, i tipped the scale at 124 kgs. Thats a BMI of 49.. Very Obese indeed!

This was the time that i was looking at the option of Bariatric Surgery. The surgery effectively reduces your stomach size to about less than 1/3rd of the normal size. A non reversible procedure, i had decided on getting it done..Along with PMJ, went to meet the Endocrinologist hoping to get a date fixed for the surgery. But then he said lets have a look after 3 months of diet and if you still dont lose weight, we will consider the options..

I did lose heart hearing that.. I was willing to go under the knife in a week if required.. and here i am back to square one.. on diets and enforced exercises, both of which i hate..

Ok, to cut it short.. Im on a diet now.. I eat only veggies, lots of Sprouts and Green leafy vegetables, half a cup of rice, no milk, no sugar, no dairy products, no alcohol, no fried food..

The loss of 7 kgs in Month one has egged me on. I now walk 4 kms a day in around 32 minutes (gradually to increase it to 6kms in 60 mins), have started exercises for abs etc etc..

And i dont feel that I am giving up on life.. thats the most critical part of losing weight!!

Those wanting to lose weight, Im with u.. i know the pains of being obese!


Anonymous said…
Way to go ........keep at it....and you will loose Weight and feel fit....all the best.........
Michael said…
Way to go ........keep at it....and you will loose Weight and feel fit....all the best.........

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