“you can fell me with a feather if you can find me a woman like that”

I am having a persistent stiff neck for the last few weeks. A stiff neck caused not due to sleeping on side or due to any activity- a stiff neck caused by ogling at women- a woman to be precise. Happily married for the last 4 years, I still haven’t been able to get that one habit out of my system – Beautiful women are someone I cant take my eyes off! Be it alone, with friends or with my wife. And that’s one thing that my wife has also learnt to live with. Well, she also knows that my fascination for other women ends there. Coming back to the story, this woman, though sitting in the next room, is conveniently placed for me to catch a glimpse once in a while- Well, the once in a while often becomes too often- hence the stiff neck! Unfortunately I still don’t know her name – well, does it matter?- not exactly.

Women have always fascinated me- by this statement i also reinforce the fact that I am a Man- men have always been fascinated and mystified by women- even after being married for 4 years, the species is something difficult to crack!

So what do I like in women? Everything about them. The eyes are something that makes my knees go weak 95% of the time. Eyes, hmm... beautiful eyes make a woman so interesting to watch. A woman with beautiful eyes sure would sure get more attention from me that a Ms. Anderson- any day! And add to the beautiful eyes a pair of spectacles and i'll be flat on the ground- “you can fall me with a feather if you can find me a woman like that” Bespectacled women have for eternity been a weakness for me. Right from class 7, I can count and tell you that 80% of the women who made my heart go dhak dhak have been spectacularly spectacled. They add an aura and heighten the mystery aspect of a woman. So all you women wearing spectacles, watch out!

Smile- a beautiful smile speaks a thousand words – lights a thousand bulbs in you at the same time- and when somewhere that happens, you have lost control of your thoughts- your mind takes over. Mind over matter, heart over logic- Happens to me so many times that my wife says “I start worrying when you don’t comment and ogle at women. A sure sign that something important has been pressing you for sometime”. Well said, wifey! And you bachelor guys out there, a piece of advice- If you love ogling, do it. Women love to be ogled at too. Just make sure you don’t have your eyes fixed forever on a particular sweet spot!. That is offensive. But I must profess well-rounded women are a treat to watch. Which brings me to another topic- Well rounded v/s Anemic Women.

I sympathize with women who are anorexic. Women, who whatever they do will not have an ounce of fat on them. But I don’t for a moment sympathise with a woman who with great difficulty maintains a “super model” figure. How would men like women to be? My answer would be “Super model girl friend to take around and a well rounded woman in bed- frankly! Am I being too frank? Doesn’t matter!! Most importantly this observation comes from maturity (.. not politically correct to say “with experience”). Biologically also well-rounded women are said to be better prepared for pregnancy and child birth. Did I make this up, I don’t think so. I think I have heard this from someone or read it up somewhere!

Wait a sec- Don’t get into thinking that I am equating well-rounded to obesity. There is a huge difference and im sure you understand that well enough!

Hey, ive lost the appetite to type. As always let this be another unfinished and random rambling.


Anand Rao said…
Ahem! even i noticed that that someone in the other room has started wearing spectacles! :) :)

That apart... great post.... hoping to

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