The Chemistry of Economics (Oekonomia)

The world of nostalgia seems to have engulfed me. A world that was sweet and sour- a world where even one way puppy loves looked so sweet- a world where reality had no place.

Welcome back to time. Welcome back to the years 1991-94. Welcome to one of the best years in life. The years witnessed some remarkable events- events which of course didn’t affect the world. But years that had a great impact on simple, sweet, nice and very studious guy. Welcome to the college days of Rajiv Narayan.

I joined college (graduation) with a lot of apprehension. A small diversion here -R.K Narayan and me studied in namesake colleges- was it coincidence or it part of a bigger plan that the creator had for me? And isn’t it too much of a coincidence that we also share the same surnames? Hmm, I hope you get the hint of what I am pointing at! Well, for those who have not been using the “upper storey” more often, I was hinting at how great R.K Narayan was and how great I am, or rather the greatness that I can foresee being showered on R. Narayan (me!). I can visualize the booker prize citation staring at me from my shelf!!

Coming back to earth, Booker or no booker, I was about to catch the biggest prize I was to have in during my three year tenure in college. Early one morning, maybe a few months after I had joined, walks in an elegant, beautiful, dusky lady- in spite of being a teenager she looked very lady like. That lady literally took the wind out of my sails from the moment I saw her. Bunking became the order of the day and classed became irrelevant to me. Walks to the canteen became too frequent.. (well, their gang used to sit around the place)And to have a group of friends (guys & girls) who understood what I was going through and happily bunked classes to give me moral support (for them it was like being prescribed honey for an ailment).

I had never had any kind of interest in the physical sciences till I came to know that my “lady love” (she had no clue that I existed in the planet) was a chemistry first year. Heartening to me was that info because I knew I could spend 3 years in her presence- or even together if things go well.

Contrary to my star sign characteristic of being a skirt chaser, (guess which one!), I waited till eternity to get introduced to her. A few months went by when she started feeling my presence around her- most of the time a glance away, most of time trying to catch a glimpse indirectly and most of the time walking in front of her class. Slowly and steadily I made inroads to the Chemistry department and took the pains to ‘cultivate’ friends in the department- which would give me the chance to be with ‘their group’ and in turn with her! I realize now how much of thought and planning is required to woo a woman! But alas, i was too timid in college and believed that its not fair to stalk a women and make her love u!

So how did the introduction happen? My ‘cultivated friends’ had come to know about my interests in chemistry through others. Finally after 4 months of silent wooing, the first hints started falling in- a casual glance towards our dept, a smile forming when passing our block.. anything was encouragement for me.. Little did she know that the whole bunch of my friends were also waiting for these innocent hints to happen..

Having gained confidence from these reports, I decided it was about time I get officially introduced. I forgot to mention that sideward glances and “lips about to form into smiles” had already begun some time ago. Luckily for me it wasnt so difficult as a classmate of mine and she were great friends from school..thanks to the girl from Chemistry, three years in college went at a flying pace.. three years of waiting.. any many more years after that... Hmmmm....

So how did the first official introduction take place? Watch this blog for more.

This blog does not the least sound either random or rambling to me- pure reflections.

Guess I like to end each blog taking me back to the headline- so I either have ramblings or reflections… mostly random. (NOT THIS TIME AROUND!)


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