Rethinking on the concept of living for the next generation, let me take think in another angle- Why do we give our kids everything in life? Why do we protect them till they are own their own? Doesn’t this have a I, ME, MINE thinking to it? My kid, My family- Being possessive about owning things? We all derive personal pleasure from this. Parents tell the world “ My son is so and so”, a direct emphasis on MY SON – Parents derive a lot of pleasure when their kids grow up an become successful- Even a small award the kid gets becomes a talking point for him/her for sometime. Why? As a parent, im telling the world that my son is successful because I have molded him well- he has won this award because he is my son! An indirect but not so subtle reference to the fact that its all my doing- and as a parent I derive pleasure out of it. Ultimately at the end of the day I become happy when my family thinks that I have taken good care of them!

So when we think of it, we do not actually live for the next generation. We live to create a Rajiv Narayan Version 2.1 and live on the laurels of the newer version. Which brings us back to the issue- Everything we do, we do to satisfy ourselves and soothe our egos.

A comment on my previous blog also made a lot of sense- an optimistic view of life- …Not "To die happy knowing I have achieved what I set to do" but "to LIVE, knowing I have achieved what I set out to do"! The statement is something we all dream will happen to us. A statement, to which I would agree because it came from a youngster, more or less fresh out of college and without much of the burdens and responsibilities of life.

What did we set out to do? At every stage of life, every moment of life, we set out to do something in life- and if every one of them where to happen the way we want them to be, I don’t think there would be any fun in doing them- Because at the end of the day you know that it will be done! The pessimist in me writing? Or the partially experienced/matured me talking? I don’t know.

Random Ramblings, as ever!


Anand Rao said…
Aha! I see that i have made it from the comments to the mainline of the blog! I will be "watching this space" more often now!
Angie said…
hey jeeves,
very philosophical man!

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