In an introspective mood

Days have passed without me having putting my fingers on the keypad with the express purpose of blogging. Well, I have been too preoccupied to put down my random thoughts. Actually, I have been contemplating- on my writings and on my views. Have I been writing for the sake of writing or did I suddenly get upbeat about my ability to write? Was it a bit too much to have thought that I could actually put these thoughts together and publish a book? Well, of these are to an extent right.

One comment from someone who knows what he is talking about made a lot of sense to me. A comment that I have heard once before on my style of writing. The comment is “this is more like a diary” and “most of the time you are talking to yourself and not addressing the reader”. A very valid comment when you read the next line – “Diary based books have always sold, but most of these are period/event based and with a touch of history to it” and “if your diary based book has to sell it needs to have a lot of insights which people haven’t thought of till now. Or insights that are put into paper after a lot of thought”. A very insightful comment from someone very senior in the profession!

So what do i do about this? Apply the mind more and think before i pen!


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