The Journey of Life

They call life a journey. An endless journey till the moment you are given back to nature. How you traverse this world is nobody’s concern, but everybody’s consideration. You are at the end judged for how you have traversed this journey. Any form of judgment is ‘judgmental’, which tends to be very subjective. You get judged for what you were in life- what position where you when you retired from professional life, how well off are your kids and so forth-but never on how well you enjoyed your life, your career and your family life.

Embarking on this journey of life, we all fall into a mundane and routine life. Work, take home salary, feed your family, satisfy your kid’s requirement and save enough money for the kids and wife when you are not there anymore. It’s about one generation living for the next- day in day out, generation after generation. And if you decide to live otherwise, you are called selfish and as someone who never cared for the family. So where are you heading?

A colleague of mine quit his plum post a few days back. Asked on what he planned to do next, he made a very interesting comment. “I have been thinking for sometime on what I have been doing and what I want to do. What is my goal in life? Am I enjoying what I am doing? Innocent questions that lit a few sparks in me.

What is our goal in life? A very difficult question to answer. Not that I have no goals I can think of, but these goals seem to keep shifting. Everyday provides me with a short term goal and a long term goal. The moment I achieve an immediate goal, my end goal changes. Human behaviour, I suppose. So how do I know what is my ultimate goal? Is it to be known as a man who did his job well (as defined by society) or is it to die happy knowing that I have achieved what I wanted to do in life? A straight question will yield one answer- To die happy knowing I have achieved what I set to do. Poke deeper and the answers keep changing- just like the goals!

Delve deeper into yourself and you start thinking- “How do I become happy? How do I define ‘my successes’ on D-day? Would I still feel successful even if society thinks otherwise? A very fine line dividing the “real you” and the “social you”.

Hopefully there might be a part two to this post..


Angie said…
hey jeevez,
good question? where are we all heading towards? and yes it is viscious circle of life and death and fathers & mothers and babies!!!!!! So yeah we need to break ourselves, travel and continue the quest...but no babies man!
Pramodh Kunnil said…
ah yes...the elusive chase. everyday, every month, every year in search of a new goal, a new passion. constantly seeking activities for acheiving approval and esteem in others eyes. if only we could.. for a moment.. live life for ourselves.
Anand Rao said…
Amen! to that dude! I am waiting for part 2! Also, hows this for a third option for the ultimate goal... Not "To die happy knowing I have achieved what I set to do" but "to LIVE, knowing I have achieved what I set out to do"!

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