The case of the missing stiff neck

Very soon, stiff necks would be a thing of the past- thanks to the indomitable Indian Army. An organisation which I have always aspired to be in. an organisation, which like none other, looks after you till your heart says “Over & Out”!

The army has now got another feather in the cap- this time around someone who has been giving me stiff necks for the last 6 months! But this was one of the rare ‘pleasurable stiff necks’!

Would miss the stiff neck as well as the soon to be Officer! Adios and keep the flag flying high for the country!

PS: Please make sure that the Officers/JCOs and ORs do not get stiff necks- would not do much to strengthen the Indian Army

PPS: Those who have read my earlier post "you can fell me with a feather if you can find me a woman like that” will understand and appreciate this one:)


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