Birth Pangs

Finally, I experienced birth pangs... Pangs of the birth of our new magazine... an assisted delivery which had a bunch of women and men wielding their pens and cursers... making sure that the baby's positions are millimeter perfect and following the grid.

Memorable Quotes

Asha: “Apparently, there is some problem with the title registration” { heard it 'n' times, huh!}
Alak: “Whatever may happen, we have to follow the grid” {there she goes... :) }
Vishwa: “Actually maam, the gutter space has to be 5 cms
Kalpana: “Any news for us?”
“Ho jayega… ads will come in on time…”
Prof. Dev Sukumar, PhD, Visiting Professor, Azure Media

Kudos to the bunch of women (and a few good men!) perched precariously on the mezzanine floor for bringing out an amazing product. Lets continue keeping Bangalore glued on to the magazine… thus taking the burden out of me… the more readers, easier it is for me to sell ads..

Three cheers to our team: Asha / Kalpana / Sonya / Dev / Rajitha / Nidhi / Bhanu / Alak / Vishwa / Sathya /Puttayya and Myself :)


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three cheers indeed!
(typed the wrong word the last much for trying to be a writer!)

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