I believe in my Brand!!

I don’t even remember when I last bogged! There was a time when I was jobless in a job and had nothing else to do, but put my thoughts to paper. Times have changed, jobs have changed and I have no time on hand to think of anything.

I have witnessed and been part of the birth of three media products- Autocar Middle East, F1 Racing Middle East and a Bangalore based magazine. The birth pangs of none on these have been as intense as what I am experiencing now.

I joined this company on July 7th and have hadn’t had time till date to think of anything, take time off for myself or even to get things done at the home front. But I am not complaining. This has been one assignment that has kept me on my toes, helped me reduce my paunch and most importantly learn a lot!

Blame it on naivety or ignorance for having thought that I know quite a lot of things about media. Blame it on the genes or the self confidence that I can pull off anything for such a thought.

Of the many things I like about this place is the strong belief of the company in the Brand and the efforts – monetary and otherwise to promote the brand- something a previous employer of mine should take lessons on. To create a product and leave it to fend for itself is like creating a baby and asking it to grow up on its on..

Something I believe in strongly:

Your brand is critical
Brands need to be nurtured
A brand is an experience
Experience creates a perception
Thus, a brand is a perception!

Hats off to the stake holders and the management for taking this word “Brand’” so seriously!!

Well, to cut it short, “I believe in my company”!!!


Scrawler said…
....and I believe in your Random Ramblings!;)
was wondering ..No posts in this espace since long....

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