Misplaced Priorities & the Gandhi memorabilia

I fail to understand the hooplah over our concern for Gandhiji’s memorabilia when we as a country and citizens of the country have restricted ourselves to remembering the Mahatma twice a year- on his bday and on Martyrs day...actually just once a year because October 2nd is a holiday and Martyrs Day is not!

His values, ethos and teachings have become redundant to this generation for whom materialism and ‘I, Me, Mine’ concepts have become paramount... and this includes me too...

I feel it is pointless that we create such a hype when an auction takes place in another part of the world and that too for memorabilia Gandhi had given..

As a government is power or as citizens of the country, are we really concerned about anything that happens here? As long it does not directly affect me, my family and my social circles, non of us are bothered about anything.. Be it poverty, good governance or Gandhi memorabilia... But the moment petrol prices go up by a rupee, I’m concerned!!

Strange fellows, we are!!


JK said…
Well said. I think as we grow rich , we are trying to re-invent the culture and past glory. All dicussion forums are packed with angry young rich Indians against the 'exploiting west' and return of all artifacts in museums all over the world. Ganshiji's priorities were uplifting the poor- ending the feudal exploitation. And all those are out of context in these busy days.
Scrawler said…
Apart from oct 2nd...these days..we are 'trying to recollect' gandhiji's principles through Big Screen too...don't you think so?I mean producing films in the 'name of gandhigiri'??The term'Gandhigiri' too have become another hooplah for we the Indians!

Couple of years back,when gandhiji's Ashram was in deep financial crisis....how many number of Indians bothered to look into the matter?(inspite of the fact that the ashram went out a public appeal for donations)

Thank God!that gandhiji's teachings and principles are followed by those who run the ashram!!
Anonymous said…
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