Against all odds and proving all detractors wrong, i participated and completed the 25km course at the Cyclothon 2009 Bangalore this Sunday

The Sunday started very early at 4.30 am. Got ready, shoved the cycle into the car with lots of difficulty and drive down to the venue-BIEC on Tumkur Road, which itself was a good one hour drive from home. While I was expecting to see 100 odd people at the venue, i was in for a pleasant surprise. There some 500-600 already gathered at the venue.

Towards the flag off time, there were close to 5000 cyclists in the holdup area. It was an incredible feeling that needs to be experienced. I never imagined that so many Bangaloreans would get up so early in the morning and come and ride! BSA Hercules had also organised cycles on hire for the race.

The crowd was a milieu of amateur cyclists, pure enthusiasts, corporates, army folks and kids out to enjoy. The rides were classified into Elite (60kms), Amateur (36 kms), Green Ride (25kms), Fun Ride (10kms).

The elite race, a gruelling 60 km ride was flagged off first early morning. This was a race with good prize monies on offer.
I took part in the Green ride.. though it was my first 25km ride, it wasn’t very tiring. The only problem I faced was that my ass was on fire due to a very narrow seat, which offered no comfort on longer rides. I sure miss the broader seats of our good old Hercules! So the last 5 kms, i was literally either standing and riding or stopping for a few seconds every now and then to give my bums a bit of rest!

Special Mentions:
1. ABB for coming out with a 190 strong contingent
2. The Madras Engineering Group (MEG) for their battalion strength!
3. Mr. Mahalingeshwar for completing the 25km ride without breaking a sweat – at age 81


Durga said…
Gym,cycling..Next what? Marathon? :P
kollam....way to go....i missed it....
Jeevez said…
Yeah.. next year 10k marathon :)

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