On Bosses and Big Bosses

What makes some managers great? What makes some a pain in the wrong place? Questions which I feel every executive asks himself- questions which the same guy tends to conveniently forget when he is made a manager.

To me, at this point in my career, I feel what makes great managers is the ability to build trust among the people who report to him. This ability to trust, the feeling that if something goes wrong, ill be backed to the hilt makes a manager a great guy to work with. Its so much a pleasure working with a manager like that.

Well, why suddenly the thought on bosses? Well, appraisal time is on and it’s the time of the year when you love or hate your boss the most, depending upon how well he has rated you.

Big Bosses? huh, forgot about them- they get all the money and the brick bats if we dont bat well enough!! Which reminds me of a net joke- "Executives play football and big bosses play golf- moral? the higher up you go the ladder, the smaller are the balls!!

Well, guys and girls, all the best with the appraisals and hope you all get great increments!!


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