"I can resist everything, but Temptation"

“Sureshaa – onthu HRD quarteru, onthu pint UB, onthu pepsi, half kabab, pori & congressu”!!

And you thought this happens in our branch office? And you thought all “Kudukaas” go there to drink? You cant be more wrong ladies and gentlemen! “Temptations” (bless the good old soul who suggested the name!) is nothing about drinking. It is all about helping one poor entrepreneur to succeed in his venture. It is all about helping our very own “Sureshaa” to make a living. Drinking thus is incidental!

For the uninitiated, the place we are referring to is 2 minutes away from the office on Church Street Road, Opposite Hotel Empire and it’s a wine shop.

And for those of you, perched on high trees, not wanting to get your feet wet, you are missing something! The ambience, the networking- words fail to express our emotions. Now let me put a question to you all.

How come none of the media companies advertise in Ascent or in DH Avenues? Well, you are thinking on the right track- Temptations (and a few other joints) have also got into the business of co-creation. How many of you have seen the notice board inside Temptations which has a list of media openings in Blore? Hmmm, you missed something then! I can see the beeline to the place today evening!! Folks, beware! You might see our own Stereo amplified CG down there trying to paste a few openings in Blore.

Most of us never liked temptations the first we went there- No place to sit, baring yourself to the public and most days crowded. A couple of times there and then you start liking the place, the people, the ambience, in short everything about the place. To be more precise, it’s an acquired taste.

So what happens here? Discussions on ideas, discussions on clients, Discussions on where vacancies exist and of course, discussions on bosses! The Times of India employees are a privileged lot there with the owner Anil normally getting into discussions on which drink is better and why another is not moving. We are waiting for the day when Anil walks into our office and asks CG, “Where are your boys? Haven’t seen them for the last 3 days”

Suffice to say that we have proposed a byline for Temptation Wines. “I can resist everything but Temptation” (apologies to Oscar Wilde? No way- now we know what he meant when he made the statement”
Long Live Temptations!


Angie said…
I am new to many things...especially blogging. I was reading through your blog and I was struck by two things that we have in common.
1) There are zero comments. Same for me too.So I said I will make you happy by adding a comment.
Afterall we ALL write to be READ (even though you say otherwise)

2) You seem to write about the mundane things of life (like me). You write about your job & me about well...my life. But its pretty much the same boring life.

No this is not a come on line at all. Just an obseravtion.

Also I love the word RANDOM. If I ever write a book which is never it will be called RANDOM.

Jeevez said…

That comment by "someone unknown" (or do you know me?) really floored me. Coming to think of it, how did u ever pounce on this so called blog- the so called effort to pen something down?

Mundane- Yes- things we so foten take for granted, put into either the right perspective(my right perspective, ofcourse) or put in a different perspective altogether i think makes interesting reading.

Thanks for the comments- and if i may ask you- "Where art thou from?"

drop me a line at rajiv.narayan@timesgroup.com!

Angie said…
No I don't know you at all. Like I said I am a very new Blogger... started only day before yesterday. I just stumbled upon it.

See I knew it people feel good when other people read what they've written I was right!

My abode is that place yonder where all that talks is the coins in thy strewn purse & many a come wandering in search of stardust..lame attempt at imitating the master. I am from Bombay!

The reason I commented on your blog was to get you (someone/anyone) to read my blog.
so please add some words..perspective sure it could your perspective! Like I said we all write to be read. we are all bloody exhibitionist! Strange exhibitionist & Voyeurs at the same time!
akuani said…

Tis I - chech .. a thoughts struck me ... and I hope you remember my advice about life clearly ... just a gentle nudge of a reminder to a brother much loved :D

Angie said…
Hi Jeeves,
I am been busy and therefore missing in action. I ve also sorted the "comments" on my blog..see you soon.

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