A week that never was!

For the last couple of months I have just seen Mondays turn into Fridays. A blink- that’s all it takes for the week to get over. There have been many a week where I have turned up to office on Fridays formally dressed- Fridays are our dress down days!

In contrast to this, this week has been going at a dead pace- the grey matter has not for more than a week churned anything impressive- actually nothing at all, which is the reason why the week has being going slow- Its Wednesday and im desperately hoping the week goes at a faster pace.

Lack of ideation- something on the same lines as writers hitting the writer’s block? Maybe. Or rather I don’t want to think that I’ve hit the ideator’s block! A very frustrating feeling arising from the losing confidence, losing the urge to call people and fix meetings-a complete lethargy! Maybe writing/blogging would help get me out of the depths.

Reading the last blog and this one, I can feel the ‘blocked’ me writing- not the natural me- not the natural me bcos there is nothing random nor is there any kind of ramblings!

So the blogs are also being kept in a suspended state- till I come back in full swing- till start being incoherent once more- till I have my grey matter ploughed and fertilized. And once the tickling happens, true Arnold style, “I shall be back”


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