Irritable Brain Syndrome

It is not always bowels that have this syndrome. Many a times, the brain also catches the same disease. While an irritable bowel flushes out anything and everything it can, an irritable brain refuses to flush out ideas- it just becomes irritated and refuses to think!

Today was one of those days- one of those days where the brain and mind got irritated and refused to think. An uncalled for day long lightning strike. I for sure don’t know why it happened. Maybe lot of factors, a lot of pent up frustrations; a lot of pressure led the brain to shut down completely.

It would have been quite normal if it was just a shut down. This was something more than that. This was a brain and a mind that became so irritated with things around it. This was a mind that was looking to pick on everything that came its way.

A man with lots of patience, today was a day when I snapped- snapped at everything – including clients, including the waiter and including colleagues. I don’t know why, but I still am set to snap.

And now I don’t feel like sitting and typing and blogging!


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