When concern becomes interference

well, not the best of blogs, this one!- anyways, read on!

I very often jump into things which are not my necessarily of my concern. Why does this happen? I got into a thinking mode the last few days- and I think I have an answer. I get too concerned by people and I get concerned about what is happening around me. I get too involved and try to help people make things better for their teams.

Concerned? Inquisitive? Interfering? Words that I thought are part and parcel of the package. I’m confused. But my experiences last week proved that concern soon turns to inquisitiveness and then to pure interference. Concern reaches a level where your opinions are no longer treated as unbiased. Everything you say gets constructed as being biased and from one person’s point of view.

It is true that for argument sake, we very often take sides. And it is also true that most of the time this is done to instigate someone to make comments which will help me get the view from the other side.

Concern for an individual very often turns into interference for another. The truth is that my concern created a situation where the boss was sidelined, questioned and often argued at, very often with a preconceived mindset and most often having the feeling that whatever the boss says/does is wrong. For which I am to a great extent responsible. A responsibility, from which, it is difficult for me to shy away from. And the sad part is that this attitude is so ingrained in the individual that whatever I do to correct it would fall on deaf ears.

So what made me thinking if I am doing the right thing? A bit of role play, a casual chat with the concerned boss and a bit of introspection. Standing in his shoes, I thought to myself “Will I ever want to have someone under me who constantly argues, who treats me as someone who knows nothing and who bye passes me most of the time?”

There was just one answer staring at me- No way, I can have someone like that in my team. (There is another side to this- if I as a manager cannot handle things, my team members are bound to get influenced by others). But this is no way gives me the right to influence someone to act the way he is acting.

I have no right to interfere in another team and suggest remedies- I have no right to feel that “I know it all”!

So this day, I am calling for a change. Concerns I may have for individuals/teams/office, but the concerns remain with me. What is a concern to me is directly an interference to others, unless I am asked to mediate/interfere!

So ladies and gentleman, as of toady, no more concerns!!

It’s I, ME and MY JOB!!! (Hail Adam Smith)


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